ād / verb help, assist, or support (someone or something) in the achievement of something.

Water + Hand Pump Depth Of 40 M.

Project Description

digging a water well: -digging a water well according to the region's need and the water table -providing a pump as required -improve water benefiting through it's collection and consumption according to the nature of the well

Project Reasons

-the region's urgent need for potable water -fauna death in alarming numbers due to drought -raising mortality due to Thirst and diseases related to water pollution

Project Goals

fight against diseases related to water and enviromental pollution -participate in social development and environmental sanitation

Expected Results

-providing potable water sources -improving the sanitary and living standards of the region's inhabitants

Country : Bangladesh
Number Of Beneficiaries : 50
Cost : 2800.00 QAR
ProjectType : Water Porjects
Project Status : Completed

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